After all the numerous musical events leading up to the big birthday, with concerts, carols, preparation and performance, I look forward to the relative simplicity of Christmas Eve and the following day.  I also look forward to having four generations (93yrs-2yrs) of family at home for Christmas Day lunch.

Once the final burps of Christmas pudding have sailed into the ether I’m conducting our local RSCM Area Chamber Choir for Evensong in St Albans Cathedral on Saturday 30th December at 4pm.  Rose Responses, Howells Collegium Regale and Leighton’s Coventry Carol.  Nicholas King our RSCM Area secretary will be playing the organ.  Do come if you can.

And the following day (Dec 31st) I’m at the Cathedral’s organ console for the 10am Eucharist and 4pm Carols whilst the cathedral’s musicians enjoy a well-earned break.