Playing the organ is the easy bit: it’s all the peripheral demands that make the ability to multi-task so essential.

In a couple of talks I’ve recently “unlocked the doors” to the organ loft – (St Albans Cathedral’s Mother’s Union and St Saviour’s Tea Club) and will be pleased to do so again to Shenley Methodist Fellowship on Monday 9th October at 2pm.

What do the stops do? How do you see and hear what’s going on?  What gadgets do you have to use?  Is it creepy going into a locked church? Have you seen any ghosts?

I’m frightened already and this is only an afternoon talk.

If you would like a 45 minute illustrated talk on the mysteries of being an organist – from shoes to blue tack and the multitudinous possible pitfalls – all delivered with a touch of humour and a chance to blow an organ pipe or two, let me know.

[Pictured is a delightful, gently voiced, 6-stop chamber organ in Shenley Methodist Church which I will play to illustrate my talk.]