After a great weekend in Wells Cathedral accompanying Priory Voices last November, the singers have invited me to accompany four services in Durham Cathedral the weekend after Easter.

So, here we go – the hotel’s booked and the music of Stanford, Dyson, Noble, Howells and Darke etc., is beginning to flow through the fingers.

Durham Cathedral has one of Harrison and Harrison’s finest organs and is located in the firm’s home town.   I’m going to enjoy trying to use every stop on the organ, in context, before the final closing voluntary at Evensong on Sunday.  The French Horn, Cornet de Violes, Harmonic Flutes and Orchestral Reeds on the Solo will need ample opportunity to “escape the box”.

But, one must be careful not to unleash the Bombarde Organ artillery inappropriately.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder.  Whitlock’s Fanfare may help tick a few “appropriate” boxes. And with two Pedal Open Woods and four Great Open Diapasons…  We’ll cope!  Did I mention two 32ft reeds??